About Me

Hi there!

A little bit about me: This fall, I’m going to a sophomore at Marist College– go Red Foxes! I’m double majoring in English and Education and hope to become an English teacher. I’m Connecticut born and raised and my favorite place to be is the beach. I’m addicted to coconut iced coffee (trust me, it’s will change your life) and Panera Bread. Some of my favorite things include Grey’s Anatomy, anything John Green wrote/will write, Pinterest, hanging out with friends, and going out to eat. I’m a big fan of Hoodie Allen, Panic at the Disco, Bastille, and Lana Del Rey. Basically, all you really need to know about me is that I try to be Cristina Yang, Liz Lemon, Brooke Davis, and Olivia Pope on the daily.

This blog will focus on my everyday experiences. I’ll post about my life on campus and try to offer some advice about college. I’ll post about pop culture, the crafts I try (and fail) to recreate from Pinterest, and books/movies/tv shows I find particularly inspiring. Thanks for running down this road we call life with me!

With love, Jess



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