Why Sending Your Daughter To A Private All-Girls High School Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do for Her

I’m so grateful that my parents supported me when I chose to attend my all-girls Catholic high school. This article highlights many of the reasons why I love my alma mater. I’m so thankful for my high school experience.

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High school can be a very fragile time in your daughter’s life.  She is entering puberty, finding herself, changing her appearance, and learning to become comfortable with her ever-changing body.  Many girls fall symptom to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and require the constant approval of others around them.  Sending your daughter to an all-girls high school doesn’t ensure that she will be safe from all the drama and hardships of being a teenager, but it will most likely empower her to be strong and work through them with poise and grace.

1. Community

Attending an all-girls high school gives your daughter a strong sense of community.  Private all-girls high schools are often very demanding academically.  This pressure to perform academically provides a support group of like-minded individuals who understands what it means to juggle, AP classes, key club, soccer, girl scouts, and the obligations of a…

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