My Break From Soccer; Writing 101 Day 4

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m participating in the Writing 101 challenge—I’m excited to push myself to write more, generate more content for my blog, and be with a community of WordPress users. I would totally recommend it for anyone who gets writers block or is new to blogging and wants to get more involved. Today’s exercise is to write about losing something that used to be in your life and isn’t anymore.

I have been playing soccer since I was seven years old. I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t heading off to a game, practicing my passing skills in the backyard, or watching a game on ESPN.

Killin' it on the field and with my hairstyle...the pigtails were a hit.

Killin’ it on the field at age 8…the pigtails were a hit.

My last game was my senior year of high school—we lost in the semifinals of the state tournament. Soccer was a huge part of my life. I met some of my very best friends by playing on the same team as them; being a part of a team gave me a sense of belonging from elementary school through high school. I loved the camaraderie and looked up to each of my coaches. Sports gave me the chance to let out my competitive side, set goals for myself, and work with my team to achieve those goals. Besides that, soccer was a family affair. My parents, grandparents, and brother came to all of my games and carted me around to all my practices. We all stayed for overnight tournaments, and the parents of my teammates became my second families. Playing my last game was heartbreaking to me. I knew I would not be playing competitively in college, and thinking about playing intramurals without my teammates or family to cheer me on didn’t sound fun.


Last game of senior year…no more pigtails!

After spending a year away from the sport, I realize how much I miss it. Seeing my former teammates play on their new teams, and watching my high school team play, made me wish I was back on the field. There’s truly nothing like the feeling of winning, of working your hardest and meeting your goals. I didn’t realize how much I loved soccer until it was no longer in my life. Thankfully, I can play again. I am going to sign myself up for intramurals in the fall and make some new friends who love to play as much as I do. I’m grateful that I learned my lesson by taking a year off from soccer and that I am able to return to the game. It is true—absence makes the heart grow fonder. This experience has made me appreciate my family and friends even more. I don’t want to lose them and regret anything; I’m determined to strengthen my relationships before it is too late. A negative experience has transformed into a positive situation, and I am grateful that I only lost the sport for a year instead of losing someone or something I love forever.


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